Help the People that Are Saving Us.

We are donating 3D Printed Shields, Ear Savers, Hand-Sewn Masks, and Ventilator Parts for medical staff and anyone who needs it to fight COVID-19.


Ready to Sew Masks?

You don’t have to Sew to help.
You can also Pick up and Deliver Masks or Collect Supplies (fabrics, threads, elastics, bias tape..)

Need Hand-Sewn Mask? Request Here.

Need Equipment?

Shields, Ear Savers, and Ventilator Parts.

It’s Free!

Learn more about PPE.

Need Hand-Sewn Mask?

Featured on FOX17. Read More.

Check out the feature on westcoastchamber.org.

Why 3DC19?

Watch some of the stories that inspired all of this. 

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