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Shields, Ear Savers, Hand-Sewn Masks, and Ventilator Parts.

We have reached our goal for providing PPE. We are not currently taking new requests for PPE but have listed resources available to obtain PPE below.

Need Hand-Sewn Mask?

We’re taking some time to catch up so for now Mask Requests are being paused. As of 7/23/20, check back for updates

Our Goal
Our goal was to provide PPE to those who needed it ASAP. The need was massive but the supply wasn’t there, companies needed time to get production to scale so we started 3DC19. Our goal was 20,000 units of PPE to allow for manufacturers time to get ready and start producing PPE to fill the demand. 

PPE Goal: Produce 20,000
Actual PPE Produced: Over 76,000

Because so many volunteers joined to help and were passionate to help we kept going to be a resource for as long as we could sustain it. It was a tiring but incredibly rewarding journey. There are companies now better equipped and ready to offer PPE to those who need it and are listed below.

Thank you and be safe,

Here are some resources for PPE.

The Right Place PPE Supplier Database (West Michigan)

Operation Face Shield Ann Arbor

Face Shields

Face shields are a reusable face covering made of plastic 3D printed and manufactured parts. It is a necessary supplement to full facial PPE, and in many cases might be the only face cover you have. It shield the face from contaminated airborne droplets and other liquid exposures. They also may help give longevity to your N95 masks, especially if you must reuse them.

Ear Savers

Ear savers are 3D printed supplement parts to any facial mask with ear straps. It hooks onto each ear strap and alleviates the pressure from the back of the ears, and also prolongs the mask’s wear and tear. Ideal for frontline workers wearing masks for many hours at a time.

Bias Tape

Bias tape is a 3D printed piece to aid in sewing reusable masks.

Hand-Sewn Masks

Wearing a cloth mask might help protect people around you, if you happen to be infected with Covid-19 but do not have symptoms yet.

Media Coverage

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Tell Us What You Need

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