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The Seven Minute Mask

If you have a couple hours, you can batch-sew this mask pattern and save time!

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Full Video Instructions

Follow along with the video or read the full instructions below.

Downloadable Instructions

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Wash Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Cut fabrics into long strips that are 7” wide.

Put two pieces together, finished side in and sew up both sides.

Alternatively, you can cut into long strips that are 13” wide.

You can then sew the raw edge together to make a long tube.

Step 2

Turn the tube right side in, iron flat.

Step 3

Topstich both sides of tube.

Step 4

Cut the tube into pieces of the correct length for the size mask you are making.

Large – 8”



Step 5

Now it is time to make the bias.

Cut a 4” wide strip of matching fabric.

Sew a ¼” edge on both sides.

Step 6

Cut the strip into 3” pieces.

Helpful hint – you can stack multiple pieces and cut together with a rotary cutter.

In the picture: cutting 6 strips at the same time.

Step 7

Finish the “bias.”

Fold the ends in about 1/4” and then fold in half together.

Iron the folds to keep them in place.

Step 8

Now go back to the main mask piece. Fold pleats into the mask and pin.

The finished size should be 3” wide.

Iron pleats down if desired.

Step 9

Apply the bias to the end of the pleated mask. Sew the pieces together.

Tip: You can do one after another without breaking the thread.

Quick and easy batch sewing! Repeat on the other side!

Step 10

Cut 30” pieces of elastic. Put through channels as shown.

Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the side channels.

Tie end.


This is what the finished product should look like!