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Ventilator Concept to Product in 48 Hours

Featured on FOX17. 

Local West Michigan news agency, FOX17, spoke with Dugan Karnazes, CEO and founder of Grand Rapids-based Velocity Research and a major contributor to 3Dc19.  Read the article and watch the segment to learn more about our story.

Read the article at Fox17.

The open source ventilator is designed to be easy to produce, safe to use, and buildable anywhere in the world with free access to the design files. We’ve partnered with Ford, GM, and Boston Scientific to get through FDA approval. This device is a response to the ventilator shortage that is coming or already arrived. It’s designed entirely by volunteers.

Altium invited Dugan to their podcast to talk about the ventilator project and 3DC19. Check it out at Altium

Velocity Research has provided their design to anyone and can access and build it from the repository.

Ross Miller (Velocity Research engineer) has been a big part of the design and Dugan Karnaszes has been a conduit to other teams and the Ireland Group (opensourceventilator.ie).

There have been many other helpful contributors to the project including Eric Binnendyk. 

Jeff Robinson at Hybrid Machining has provided financial support among also 3D printing around the clock.

Chad and Ethan Potinsky at Allendale Robotics

Barry Hutzel at Bazza Design has created some wonderful renderings of the ventilator designs.